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Sponsor Spotlight- Plexus

IGS Infant Incubator has been sponsored by Plexus since Fall 2021.  Plexus gives us advice with the project from the design to the manufacturing of the infant incubator.  A great thing about Plexus being a sponsor, is that multiple individuals on the Plexus sponsorship team have been part of IGS and worked on the Infant Incubator Project!

Plexus as a company is known for three expertise: industrial, healthcare and life sciences, and aerospace and defense across the globe.  The company helps with the lifecycle of a product including:

  • Design and Development
  • Manufacturing
  • New Product Introduction
  • Supply Chain Solutions
  • Aftermarket Service

Check the company out: 

The IGS Infant Incubator Team is thankful for all the advice and support from Plexus!