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Integrated 3D Printer for Sustainable Future

The purpose of the integrated printer for sustainable future (IPSF) project is to design and manufacture an integrated 3D printer that recycles plastic waste. Across many countries in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, between 80-90 percent of plastic waste is inadequately disposed of which eventually makes its way into sources of water in those areas. This has led to the pollution of most water sources and streets lined with waste products. The IPSF team has a goal of reducing waste products in this area by designing a 3D printer that uses melted down plastic as printing filament. One of the potential objects that the 3D printer would print is shoes of varying sizes for people who do not have the money to purchase them on their own. The main goal with this project is to incentivize people in the developing world to bring their plastic waste products to be recycled by offering essential goods free of charge.

Printing Bed Component Design
Recycling Component Design