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Mechanical Ventilator

The ventilator project consisted of 3 sub-teams:

  1. Packaging
  2. Code and Controls
  3. Oxygen Incorporation

The packaging team’s goals was to redesign the ventilator housing for ease of assembly/disassembly, better access to internal components, and an emphasis on wire/tubing management.

The oxygen incorporation team was tasked with incorporating a constant flow of O2 into the ventilator air intake. This design relied on the source of O2 flowing at a constant rate so that when mixed with outside air there would be a very specific percentage of O2 inhaled by the patient.

The code and controls team improved upon the SIMV code so that it worked on the current ventilator. They also looked into improving the accuracy of the waveform for a standardized breath provided by the ventilator. Other goals included redesigning the circuit board and creating a larger display screen

3D Model of Ventilator
Final Prototype of Ventilator