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IGS Enterprise Alumni

Leah Arnt
ISPF Team Lead (Spring 2020-Fall 2020

“I decided to join IGS because it is one of the only enterprises on campus that offers the ability to implement projects in remote areas around the world. I thoroughly enjoyed the first project I assisted when I joined IGS. I was able to develop a new solution to an existing issue in Ghana. Then I was able to present my solution to Pavlis Honors students who were able to implement my project in Ghana for me.”

Gracelyn Rezmer
Infant Incubator Team Lead (Spring 2020-Fall 2020)

“I am a fourth year Electrical Engineer with a concentration in Biomedical Engineering and Medical Devices. During my sophomore year I joined IGS to gain more hands on and project experience. The experiences I’ve gained have been extremely helpful in talking to recruiters and learning about industry. My favorite part about IGS is the opportunity to start and create new and exciting projects. Anything is possible here. “

Nathan Tetzlaff
President (2019-2020)

“I joined IGS as a trial member in my first semester at Tech and stuck with the enterprise throughout the rest of my college career. I showed up for a meeting just to see what it was about. Right away I realized that the members were all laid back and fun, but the work was challenging and everyone was passionate about it. Although I knew nothing at the time about project work, several members worked with me and I was helping out with major design decisions soon after joining. During my time in the enterprise, I held several leadership roles and worked on both the pandemic ventilator project and vaccine transport and storage projects. My work with IGS is the number one thing I talk about during interviews, and it’s fun to impress recruiters with the work we do.”

Nathan Tetzlaff
President (2019-2020)

Maria Wait
President (2018-2019)

Marie Marche
Vaccine Cold Transport Team Lead (2019-2020)

“I joined IGS because I was looking to get involved in a team orientated project and to learn more about how to successfully navigate engineering processes revolving around product development. IGS is a great way to apply the skills you learn at school and during internships. It is also an enterprise that allows you to pitch and develop your own project ideas.”

Elizabeth Polega

“My experience as a member as IGS has been very rewarding! I have learned how to work in all team dynamics, properly model in multiple programs, and work hands on to build modeled projects. After graduation I am staying in school to earn a master’s degree in biomedical engineering and then after that, attending medical school. I believe that my experience with IGS has helped my overall organization of projects and will help me with assignments in the future. Some advice I have for students that are considering joining IGS is to go into the enterprise with an open mind and have fun with the projects and members while you are all working together!”

Nick Minarich

“IGS helped my learn to work with interdisciplinary team members and understand principles from different majors. I would recommend that new members go outside their comfort zone in knowledge and absorb as much information as possible from the older members. I will definitely use the knowledge I learned during IGS to better my industry career.”