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Vaccine Cold Transport

The objective of the vaccine cold transport team is to design and create an innovative device to improve the current inefficiencies in the vaccine cold chain in developing countries. Immunization is one of the most successful and cost-effective public health interventions in recent history and saves two to three million lives every year according to UNICEF. Unfortunately, vaccinations are not available to everyone due to an ineffective vaccine cold chain that is unable to successfully deliver viable vaccines to those who need them. The transport team is rising to the challenge of improving vaccine cold transport by creating an innovative vaccine transport container that will increase the number of people who are able to receive viable vaccinations in remote areas.

1st Iteration of the Vaccine Container
2nd Iteration of the Vaccine Container
3rd Iteration of the Vaccine Container

The vaccine cold transport container was built to functionally transport five-hundred doses of vaccines to immunization clinics in the developing areas of Nigeria. The main criteria for this design included multiple vaccine storage units, an external insulation layer to surround the vial units, an internal cold core, and an on-board temperature monitoring system.