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IGS Executive Board

Riley Dickert
IGS President

A fifth-year Physics major with a minor in Economics, Riley joined Innovative Global Solutions on a recommendation from a friend about a year and a half ago and has not looked back since. Joining the team as a trial member in the Spring 2021 semester, he moved to Aquaponics Project Lead the next semester and led the team to a successful prototype implementation on-site in Vihiga County, Kenya. This year, Riley serves as IGS President with the goals of developing strong organizational norms and a clear vision for the future of IGS.

Avery Cassel
IGS Vice President

“I am a fourth-year environmental Engineering major. Innovative Global Solutions has given me the opportunity to work through the engineering design process on a real-world project. This experience has helped me gain confidence in myself as well as trust in my team members. Stepping into a leadership position this year has allowed me to focus on growing the leadership skills I wish to utilize throughout my career.”

Julia Paulos
Infant Incubator Team Lead

“I am a fourth-year Biomedical Engineering major.  I wanted to gain hands-on experience in a project before my senior year. I joined IGS in my second year as I had a passion for helping solve world problems and medical devices. Looking back at my time at Tech, my biggest regret at Tech is not joining sooner. I have learned a variety of technical skills in IGS, but most importantly I learned a vast amount of soft skills that provided me the tools I needed most in industry.”

Cynthia Wurtz
Aquaponics Team Lead

“I am a 4th-year mechanical engineering student at Michigan Technological University. I joined IGS because I want to use my degree to directly impact the lives of others. Having practical and very real applications of what I’ve learned in school has always been important to me. Through IGS, I have been able to directly communicate with the individuals that are going to use and see the benefits of our project, which has been very rewarding.”