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The Priage project was an Enterprise project sponsored by Stryker, a Fortune 500 medical technology firm.

A cross-functional team of biomedical engineers, electrical engineers, and scientific and technical communication majors worked on developing a solution to enhance the emergency department waiting room experience and identify at-risk patients.

This project’s main focus was to create a device or system designed to monitor the patient’s vitals and status while in the waiting room before they are admitted into the Emergency Department. This device also has potential to be used in the Ambulance and other pre-hospital settings.

Extensive research regarding essential vital signs, measurement techniques, and device configurations was performed and used to create design concepts. A proof of concept was delivered to Stryker with details regarding vital measurement techniques and 3D packaging models which satisfied their deliverables. A prototype was then developed but was not be completed due to limited time and sensor failures. However, Priage would undoubtedly redefine the face of the Emergency Department waiting room.