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Project Description

As a result of a sponsorship from Tree Frog Aquagric, the Aquaponics project was created in the spring of 2021. The objective of this project is to innovate an aquaponics system located in Vihiga County, Kenya, in order to increase efficiency, functionality, and viability, by minimizing waste while maximizing produce. This project was proposed due to the increasingly high population rate of Vihiga County, resulting in increased land shortage, reducing food production. Additionally, change in weather has caused the dry and rainy periods to shift to different months, creating longer dry periods, reducing food production as well.

As of now, the Aquaponics team is divided into five different subteams for each main subsystem of the aquaponics cycle, consisting of: Powered Devices

  • Powered Devices
    • Aeration
    • Water Movement
  • Mechanics
    • Biological Filtration
    • Mechanical Filtration
  • Plant Beds
  • Bacteria
  • Fish Tanks

Each subteam is responsible for becoming knowledgeable on the workings of their subsystem, and researching possible areas of innovation regarding the sponsor’s aquaponic system.
Once these areas of innovation are identified, the aquaponics team will further collaborate with the aquaponics system in Vihiga County to see that these improvements are properly installed and monitor the efficiency of the system.

The IGS Enterprise would like to emphasize our thanks to Tree Frog Aquagric for sponsoring this project and allowing us to aid in such a rewarding collaboration.