IGS currently has three awesome projects that we are working on and that means we are looking for new members now more than ever! For Michigan Tech students, enterprise can be used as an alternative to senior design and is spread out over 4 semesters rather than 2. That means you get more hands on experience, get to make some really great connections, and get to see large projects go from design phases, to fully functioning prototypes that are presented at MTU’s Design Expo every year. As an enterprise, we have a passion for helping those in developing areas around the world who do not have access to the same technologies that are found in the developed world. If you think you may be interested, but are not yet ready to commit to something, you can become a trial member at any time! Trial members are not graded on the work that they do and may contribute as much or as little to the team as they wish. This is a really great way for students to see what it is that we do and what our meetings and events look like with no strings attached. This is how many of our current members got started with the enterprise. If you are interested in joining our team or becoming a trial member, please email our president Emma Kantola at eskantol@mtu.edu


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